100W Lightbright Tube

Use Case Deep Dives: Empowering EDXRF Analysis with Micro X-Ray Tubes

When analyzing samples with Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF), the analytical precision and efficiency is crucial. Micro X-Ray offers innovative X-ray tube technologies designed to significantly enhance EDXRF applications. This post explores the Micro X-Ray’s Lightbright end window tube, Mini-focus packaged tube, and Seeray water-cooled tube, each offering distinct advantages for your EDXRF system.

A Quick Refresher on EDXRF

Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) is a non-destructive analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition of various materials, ranging generally from Al – U (with higher end spectrometers pushing those boundaries). A sample is excited with a primary X-ray beam, which causes a secondary beam to be emitted (or fluoresced) which is characteristic of the elements present. EDXRF collects this secondary beam, measuring the energy of each of these emitted X-rays, and collecting the X-rays into a spectrum. This spectrum is then analyzed to enable precise identification and quantification of the elements. This method stands out for its versatility, allowing analysis of solids, liquids, and powders across a wide range of concentrations, from major components to trace elements. Its key advantages include rapid analysis times, minimal sample preparation, and the ability to analyze samples in their natural state, making EDXRF a valuable tool in fields such as material science, environmental testing, quality control, and archaeological studies.

High-quality X-ray tubes, like those developed by Micro X-Ray, are crucial for achieving accurate and reliable EDXRF results. They enable more precise elemental analysis by offering optimized flux, advanced cooling methods for longer tube life, and the flexibility to adapt to various analytical needs, thereby supporting a wide array of research and industrial applications.

The Perfect Balance: 50kV/50W

Achieving the ideal balance between adequate power for a robust secondary fluorescence while avoiding detector flooding is key in EDXRF. The 50kV/50W specification serves as a sweet spot for XRF tubes, ensuring clear, distinct spectral peaks for more reliable data in around 90 seconds or less. Some applications benefit from slightly higher voltages, and some applications benefit from higher powers, but the 50kV/50W XRF tube has proven to be a standard specification in EDXRF machines for many years.

Micro X-Ray MXR50 End Window X-Ray TubeLightbright End Window Tube: Maximizing Precision


The Lightbright end window tube, designed for precision and efficiency, features a large cone angle an ideal takeoff angle to maximize usable flux. Ultra-thin window options, as thin as 50μm, reduce low energy absorption, capturing even the subtlest spectral lines. Its end window geometry facilitates close source/sample/detector arrangements, optimizing detection efficiency. Integrated o-ring grooves support helium or vacuum purge capabilities, maintaining spectral purity and minimizing background noise.


Micro X-Ray Mini Focus Packaged X-Ray TubeMini-Focus Packaged Tube: Redefining Versatility and Reliability


Our mini-focus packaged tube has been designed with an industry-standard form factor, allowing for easy drop-in replacements in both laboratory and field settings. Thanks to a proprietary oil filling technique, it can be mounted in any orientation without arcing, ensuring consistent performance. The integration of a high voltage (HV) cable reduces failure risks by removing the high voltage well connection point, enhancing device reliability and enabling quick and easy maintenance.


SeeRay X-ray Tube

SeeRay: Fast Focal Spot Stabilization and Detailed Spatial Resolution


The SeeRay stands out for its rapid spot stabilization time, ideal for use with X-ray optics. Compatible with our diamond anode technology and featuring spot sizes down to 50μm and power loading up to 1.5W/μm, it enables fast, spatially resolved EDXRF measurements when combined with polycapillary optics. This capability allows for quick and detailed elemental mapping, offering a considerable advantage in both industrial and academic applications.

Extended Lifetime and Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A pivotal factor in the selection of X-ray tubes is their operational lifetime and the subsequent total cost of ownership (TCO). Both the Lightbright and SeeRay tubes feature direct anode cooling paths, while the Mini-Focus tube utilizes an efficient oil-to-brass cooling method. These cooling approaches significantly extend the service life of our tubes beyond that of competitive offerings. A longer service life not only means lower TCO but also fewer service visits, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. For a deeper dive into the longevity of our X-ray tubes, please refer to our detailed blog post on how long your X-ray tube will last.


Revolutionizing EDXRF with Micro X-Ray

Micro X-Ray is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of EDXRF analysis through technological innovation and excellence. Our Lightbright end window, Seeray, and mini-focus packaged tubes are tailored to meet the varied needs of the scientific community, enhancing precision, efficiency, and innovation in analysis.


Explore the potential of our advanced tube technologies for your EDXRF applications. With Micro X-Ray, embark on a journey towards groundbreaking scientific discovery, leveraging our cutting-edge solutions to shape the future of analysis.


Thank you for considering Micro X-Ray as your partner in advancing EDXRF analysis. We are eager to support your research and development efforts with our state-of-the-art technologies.


We are here to provide the tools and insights necessary for navigating the complexities of EDXRF analysis. For further information or to discuss how our technologies can cater to your specific research needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, let’s drive innovation and achieve exceptional breakthroughs in the field of scientific analysis.