The Micro X-ray integrated microfocus X-ray source“Microbox” is designed for ultimate convenience. The Microbox has a compact design offering a small focal spot with short FOD for optimal magnification, enabling greater contrast for your images. Our integrated unit includes an X-ray tube, multiple power supplies, and a controller, all operated using APIs or our Windows® based graphical user interface. The unit only requires 24VDC power.

Sharper Images, Quicker Results with Microbox

The Microbox features a unique diamond anode that enables it to handle high power densities of up to 1.5W/µm, far exceeding the industry standard of 1W/µm. This advanced anode provides exceptional thermal management, efficiently removing heat from the focal spot. As a result, the Microbox offers a longer tube life and lower maintenance costs, all while maintaining a focal spot size as small as 5µm at 7.5W. With the Microbox, you can achieve higher resolution images faster than ever before.


Technical Specifications Downloadable PDF


Technical Specifications Downloadable PDF

*可应要求提供中文版本 (Chinese version available upon request)

Side Window Form Factor for Unique Applications

In space constrained applications, sometimes you need a different orientation. All our sources can be mounted in any configuration, but some top-down or bottom-up X-ray applications are space constrained above the source. The side-window Microbox delivers the same 5µm spot size in the same industry-leading form factor, with the X-ray exit perpendicular to the long axis of the Microbox, perfect for saving space in the tightest machines.

Side window Microbox on black background

Get Reliable Performance with a Microfocus X-ray Source

If you need reliable performance in an integrated source form factor, then look no further. We have developed the market’s highest-performing microfocus unit in the smallest, most compact package available. Our Microbox unit can provide your application with the most efficient solution, delivering superior images for your customers.

Same High-Quality Manufacturing

When you choose our integrated microfocus X-ray source solutions, you can count on the same high-quality manufacturing you get from other Micro X-Ray tubes. Our process pays close attention to detail for a precise construction that works well and gives you the accuracy and precision your solutions require. As a leading X-ray tube manufacturer, we specialize in all types of X-ray tubes, including our microfocus X-ray source. We use high-quality materials and precision machinery to ensure you can rely on your X-ray tubes to function properly for more extended periods. Our goal is to reduce the frequency at which you need to replace your X-ray tubes.

All Your X-Ray Tube Needs, Now

Our team is standing by to answer your questions and help you choose the most appropriate X-ray tubes to meet your needs. Whether you require an integrated microfocus source or need another form factor X-ray tube, Micro X-Ray is ready to help. Our best-in-class performance is matched by our industry-leading six week lead times.

Contact us today to for more information on our X-ray source offerings, and how our Microbox integrated X-ray source can provide the image quality you’re looking for in the timeframe you need. We look forward to working with you.


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