X-ray Sources 101: The Complexity of the XRF Tube

What is an XRF Tube?

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a process used for elemental analysis and chemical analysis. The XRF process is used in a wide range of industries for elemental analysis, and an XRF tube is the source of X-rays used in X-Ray Fluorescence. Rhodium anode tubes are most commonly used, followed by tungsten. Each type offers benefits and drawbacks for specific use. These tubes are crafted for specific measurement activities. The right tubes offer reliable results and reliable operation for a wide range of industrial needs.

The Tube is Critical

In both chemical XRF and elemental XRF the type of tube and the quality of the tube are critical to the successful measurement. To ensure that you get accurate readings you must rely on an experienced XRF tube manufacturer that produces trusted products. Several factors play a critical role in the efficacy of the end product:

  • Design of the tube
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Quality of the raw materials
  • Engineering expertise

The right supplier is more than a manufacturer that you place orders from, it is a partner in the operation of your XRF machine. Selecting the right tube ensures easier installation and reliable results. You should be able to find different power supply options, shielding options and more, with the right manufacturer.

Choose Your XRF Tube Manufacturer with Care

There must be a high degree of expertise in the engineering and design of XRF tubes if you plan on getting the most accurate information from your equipment. The right manufacturer will be an expert in the engineering of the tube, and will have the expertise that you can depend on. Look for a manufacturer with a strong reputation for delivering high quality tubes that you can rely on. Taking the time to choose the manufacturer that you can trust for high quality tubes will ensure that the XRF machine delivers as promised. Whether you are manufacturing equipment and need a reliable source for tubes or providing service for equipment, the reliable source for tubes is the key to getting successful results. Micro X-Ray Inc. is well known as a reliable source for tubes used for XRF and other applications. They offer high-quality options that you can depend on for fit, operation and durability. When you need to ensure that your XRF machine is working optimally and you require extended life from the machine, you should turn to Micro X-Ray Inc. for your solutions.