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Decade of Innovation: Revolutionizing Anode Technology with Diamond Substrates

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A traditional anode in an X-ray tube consists of a relatively large piece of copper, topped with a relatively thin brazed disk of some target material, often Tungsten. While effective, this design has limitations in power dissipation and achievable spot size. The entire power of the X-ray beam is being dumped into an area the diameter of the spot, and just a few microns thick. Because X-ray generation is a notoriously inefficient process, well over 99% of the beam power must be dissipated as heat in that small volume, then wicked away by the copper anode substrate. A standard Tungsten target, for example, can handle about 1W/μm of spot size before becoming overloaded. If this power loading is exceeded, the target can evaporate and pit in a matter of seconds.

Micro X-Ray’s innovative diamond anode change this dynamic, adding a diamond layer to the target assembly to effectively move heat out of the X-ray spot and in to the bulk copper anode. This unique anode design allows for up to 50% higher power loading when compared to a standard anode design. In the case of Tungsten, our diamond substrate enables power loading of up to 1.5W/μm, allowing brighter flux in a smaller spot than any other fixed anode tube on the market.


Microbox – Micro-Precision Imaging Redefined


In our Microbox product line, the integration of diamond substrates into the anode design has been a game-changer. This advancement enables up to 50% higher power loading in the focal spot compared to traditional copper anodes, yielding 7.5W of power in our 5μm focal spot.

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Key Advantages of the Diamond Anode Microbox

  • Ultra-Crisp Images: With focal spot sizes down to 5μm, the Microbox enables industry leading image clarity.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The superior thermal dissipation of diamond allows for more consistent and prolonged high-power operation, delivering 7.5W of power in the 5μm spot.
  • Broad Application Spectrum: This level of precision and power opens new avenues in non-destructive testing, electronics inspection, and material science.

SeeRay – Powering High-Flux Applications and Unleashing Unprecedented Brightness in Compact Form

The SeeRay stands out for its ability to produce super bright 50μm spots running at 75W, a feat made possible by MXR’s diamond anode technology. This exceptional flux brightness, unusual for its size, is enables true market differentiation in microXRF and XRD machines.

Seeray X-ray Tube

Key Advantages of the Diamond Anode SeeRay

  • Massive Flux Output: The combination of high power and an optic provides a flux that well exceeds expectations for a tube of this size.
  • Versatility in Applications: Ideal for high-end research and industrial applications requiring intense brightness and precision.
  • Sustainable and Efficient: The diamond substrate not only boosts performance but also contributes to longer lifespan and reduced operational costs.

Pioneering the Future of X-ray Technology

As we continue to celebrate our journey in the #MXRDecadeOfInnovation, the advancements in our Microbox and SeeRay products stand as testaments to Micro X-Ray’s commitment to pioneering the future of X-ray technology. By harnessing the unique properties of diamond substrates, we have not only overcome traditional limitations but also opened a new realm of possibilities in precision imaging and high-flux applications.

The Impact of Innovation

  • Setting New Standards: Our breakthroughs in anode technology set new benchmarks in the industry, pushing the limits of what’s possible in compact, finely focused X-ray sources.
  • Empowering Industries: From research labs to industrial quality control, our innovations empower professionals with tools that transform their capabilities and efficiency.
  • Driving Forward: Each advancement is a step towards more sustainable, efficient, and powerful X-ray solutions, keeping us at the forefront of technological evolution.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

We invite you to be a part of this exciting era of innovation. Explore how our cutting-edge X-ray solutions can elevate your work to new heights of precision and efficiency. Whether you are looking for advanced imaging capabilities with the Microbox or require the high-flux performance of the Seeray, our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution.

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