The Lightbright is an X-ray tube designed for customers that require maximum flux, short FOD and a wide beam angle. This end window XRF tube enables a tight source/sample/detector geometry to optimize the amount of usable flux, allowing you to obtain high-quality spectra in less time. The Lightbright also include an integrated O-ring groove for compatibility with vacuum and Helium purge enabled XRF spectrometers.

Lightbright Thermal Transfer

The custom designed heat sink directly coupled to the anode provides excellent heat transfer enabling high power operation. The optimized thermal path inside the tube directly thermally connects the anode to the heatsink for unparalleled heat transfer. This focus on thermal efficiency leads to longer field life and therefore lowers your service costs – even with 24/7 applications.

Lightbright Analysis Speed

The Lightbright tube is its ability to analyze light elements up to 5x faster than any other 50W end-window tube on the market. This is achieved through its ability to achieve up to 11mA of beam current excitation voltages down to 3kV, providing excellent signal-to-noise ratios and enabling fast and accurate X-ray analysis. For more information on this check out our article on high beam current at low excitation voltages.

Customized Tube Options

In addition to its analytical advantages, the Lightbright tube is also designed for easy integration with standard high-voltage (HV) power supplies. The integrated Mammoflex® HV cable and LV cables allow for easy connection to any standard HV power supply, making it simple to incorporate the Lightbright tube into your existing X-ray analysis setup.

Lightbright 50W End Window X-Ray Tube

Lightbright X-ray tube shown with standard 50W configuration.

100W Lightbright Tube

Lightbright X-ray tube shown with optional 100W configuration.

The Lightbright tube is also designed to be highly versatile and customizable, with a variety of standard target materials available to suit your specific application requirements. You can choose from a range of materials such as tungsten, rhodium, silver, and others depending on your application needs. Furthermore, the Lightbright tube is available in 50W and 100W versions, allowing you to select the appropriate tube for your application and ensuring maximum flux in any situation.

Micro X-Ray Lead Times

At Micro X-Ray, we are committed to providing high-quality X-ray tubes that meet the demands of today’s industrial and scientific applications. As part of this commitment, we heavily invest in our supply chain and are able to maintain a six-week lead time on all our tubes, including the Lightbright, helping you to reduce or eliminate tube-related supply chain delays and get your machines out the door faster.


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