Operational Tips: Choosing Packaged X-Ray Tubes

Mini focus packaged X-ray tube line in Santa Cruz, California

Packaged x-ray tubes are the ideal solution for anyone that is looking for an easy plug and play solution! Packaged x-ray tubes are outfitted with shielding and wiring built in so there is nothing else to do but plug them in and use them. They are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including high use applications and high voltage applications.

What Are They?

These tubes have a metal housing. The metal housing is a radiation shield and it keeps the tube cool under high temperature conditions. They are a simple solution for a lot of application needs. The housing prevents arcing and allows for cooling. This can be the perfect OEM replacement part.

The Benefits

These tubes offer a range of benefits including:

  1. Great thermal properties
  2. Easy installation
  3. Fully Radiation shielded
  4. High voltage isolation
  5. And more!

Thermal Properties

Many of the potted tubes cannot stand up to high temperatures as well as this type of packaged tubing. The outer housing allows for a great deal of thermal conductivity allowing high temperature operation without compromise to the tube. This can be a very important attribute for many machines and should be a consideration.

Easy Installation

Since the tube is already packaged the only thing left to do is to plug it up to a power supply. This can be a big reason to consider this type of tube. If you need a solution that is ready to install on the day it is delivered, without much stress, this is the perfect option.

100% Radiation Shielded

You do not have to take any extra precautions because the shielding is already built in.

It is the Right Option?

Of course, all the benefits and all the advantages may still not make it the best choice for your application. Turning to the experts to get information can help you to make the right choice. Getting customized support can help you to be able to take advantage of the packaged x-ray tube option. Micro X-ray offers the type of customized solutions that can help you to get the function that you need. Micro X-Ray will help you to make an informed decision whether you are choosing a packaged tube or another type of tube!