How To Choose The Right X-ray Tube Manufacturer

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How to Choose and X-ray Tube Manufacturer


You have determined that you need an X-ray source; now what? While there are plenty of sources for X-ray tubes in the market, you need to decide which X-ray tube manufacturer(s) you should engage with to help provide a product that delivers precise, accurate measurements for your equipment.

The following article will help you narrow your choices so you can make the right decision for your needs.


What Makes a Good X-ray Tube Manufacturer?

The first question you need to ask yourself is: how important is quality and life expectancy?

Like consumer goods where “you get what you pay for,” not all X-ray sources are equal. While there are a lot of X-ray tube manufacturers, many still use antiquated methods of manufacturing.

X-ray tubes are precision manufactured, so expect to pay a premium for quality X-ray tubes. The other option would be to purchase several cheaper X-ray tubes and be prepared to swap them out when they fail.

Second, you should match the X-ray source to the application. Typically, when engaging with an X-ray tube manufacturer, you should share the application and be ready to discuss target material choice, focal spot size, and voltage & power expectations.

A good X-ray tube manufacturer can take this information and help determine the proper X-ray tube. A key point is sharing the application because there are several things a good X-ray manufacturing is listening for. Is this a high-humidity environment? Will stabilization time be an issue? Heat concerns, etc.

Finally, you should understand the type of X-ray source manufacturer you are talking with. Many have pre-set designs/specifications, so you must make do with their parameters. Others can offer choices and even customization so you can get what you want to help optimize for your application. How important is the location of the engineering, applications, and support staff? How important is the Country of Origin of the X-ray source? Will there be import/export hurdles?

When searching for X-ray tube manufacturers for your X-ray tubes, it’s essential to consider the above factors. These will ensure you engage with X-ray manufactures that can give you the best options for your specific application.

Then engage with them with the following considerations in mind:

  • Do they use precision equipment/processes to create their X-ray tubes?
  • Do they have a selection of X-ray source options?
  • Do they take the time to work with you to find the ‘right’ solution for your needs?
  • Are their prices & lead times competitive?

Micro X-Ray Offers the Services You Need

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We also value our customer’s specifications and do our best to customize our X-ray tubes to match your specifications.

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