Reflecting on Our First Decade of Innovation

Reflecting on Our First Decade of Innovation: Micro X-Ray’s Commitment to Industry Leaders

Micro X-Ray Integrated Micro Focus Tube and Power Supply


Since our founding 10 years ago, Micro X-Ray has been at the forefront of providing high-quality, innovative X-ray solutions. Our journey has been marked by a deep commitment to excellence and a consistent focus on meeting the evolving needs of industry leaders.

At the core of our commitment is a dual focus: a drive to understand our customers’ use cases and provide the right X-ray source for every application, and an industry-leading 6-week lead time on all orders. These two pillars showcase our unmatched efficiency and deep dedication to customer needs.

A Decade of Innovation: Micro X-Ray’s Journey

Over the last decade, Micro X-Ray has carved a niche in the X-ray technology sector, standing out not as a newcomer, but as a seasoned innovator. Our journey has been fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a keen understanding of the industry’s needs. This experience positions us uniquely to offer bespoke solutions that cater precisely to the demands of industry leaders.

Six Weeks to Success: Our Lead Time Commitment

Understanding the critical role of time in business operations, we have streamlined our processes to deliver on a key promise – a 6-week lead time for all new orders, and often as short as two weeks for small quantity orders. This rapid turnaround is not just a service feature; it’s a reflection of our operational efficiency and our commitment to keeping our clients’ projects on track.

This 6-week lead time pledge underscores our understanding of the market dynamics and our dedication to being a reliable partner to industry leaders. Whether it’s for a critical healthcare application or a time-sensitive industrial project, our clients can count on us for short, reliable lead times and the highest quality standards.

Vertical Integration: A Decade of Continuous Improvement

Our approach to minimizing lead times while maintaining the highest standards of quality and consistency in our products is through vertical integration. By constantly monitoring and improving every aspect of our production process and deploying automation everywhere we can, we ensure that each product leaving our facility meets our rigorous standards. This method has been a cornerstone of our operations for the past decade, allowing us to provide products that industry leaders can rely upon for their precision and reliability.

Adapting to Industry Needs: Tailored Solutions

Our ten years in the industry, combined with our deep bench of seasoned industry experts, have given us deep insights into the unique challenges and requirements of different sectors. Leveraging this expertise, we offer customized solutions that are not just effective but are also aligned with the specific needs of each industry leader we serve. Our ability to tailor our solutions has been a key factor in our enduring relationships with clients across the highly fragmented low power X-ray marketplace.


As we reflect on our ten-year journey, Micro X-Ray stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the X-ray technology sector. Our commitment to a 6-week lead time and customized solutions demonstrates our dedication to being a pivotal partner for industry leaders. We invite you to experience the Micro X-Ray difference and join the ranks of our satisfied clients.

If you’re ready to explore what Micro X-Ray can do for you, we encourage you to reach out. Our team is eager to discuss your specific needs, how we can tailor our solutions for you, and arrange a tour of our cutting-edge facility in California. Contact us today through our web form, send us an email at, or call us directly at 831-207-4900. Let’s embark on a journey of X-ray excellence together, and start the next Decade of Innovation together.